So we are here, second month into the new year..... 

What have you achieved so far? What resolutions or goals have you set yourself? What are you manifesting?

I set myself many goals for this year and I haven’t achieved one as yet! Everything is in the planning. Without a plan it is virtually impossible to achieve a goal unless it is a simple one. 

Let’s think about this.....🤔

To achieve a goal we have to define that goal first....Have you done this? Once a goal is understood and can be deemed as achievable, we can move to the next step (winning the lottery is not within your control so please don’t set this as your goal). 😂

We need to make a plan, where, when, who, what and how are we going to achieve our goals.What’s needed basically! Where and when is it meant to take place and how long do you need to execute it, do you need support or help and who can help, what resources/equipment is needed and lastly are you going to execute it??? 📋

Manifestation doesn’t happen on it’s own! The Universe will support you and help you reach your goals but you still need to make the first move. 💫

These questions need to be answered before you can see a glimmer of your goal twinkling in the distance..... ✨

Some tips:- 

Get yourself a planner, doesn’t have to be an expensive one but somewhere completely separate from your day to day planning/schedule. This will be where you can record your goal, achievements, manifestations, make your plans, make notes, put your ideas and thoughts down, keep updates, review and keep track of milestones. 📒

As much as possible take some time to cleanse yourself and your space, meditate on it. Remember meditation does not just have to be an empty mind. It can support bringing forward ideas and thoughts that are buried deep and won’t come to the surface while everything else is distracting you. Think through your ideas, ensure you have your planner nearby to write these thoughts and ideas down. 🧘🏽‍♀️

Set your goals and plan where, when, who, what and how..... as much detail as you feel necessary but make sure you give yourself a timescale!🏅

Timescales are important as you have to give yourself enough time to be able to execute your plan. But just as important is to review regularly and set milestones. 🗓

Make sure you build reviews/milestones into your timescale. Things may change or even your goals may change..... Regular reviews/ milestone checks are necessary to ensure you are on track and not wasting precious time on something that is no longer relevant.📍

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up for not hitting milestones or even your goals as things change and sometimes this is not within your control. 🤕

Practice gratitude to supports this. Be grateful for what you have achieved..... life is too short so don’t feel disappointed! 🙌🏽

Regroup, rethink and replan. Don’t be scared to start again because you are constantly evolving and learning on your way, it’s not for nothing, it’s your journey..... 👁

Remember you are a Goddess and your strength lies within trying new things, being nurturing and knowledge! 🌒🌕🌘

Let's make all our manifestations come through in 2021! 💖

Sending warmth and love


 Vibrations of a Goddess